Lopping back the trees
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Lopping back the trees

I really like how shady our yard is, but I'm not so excited about cleaning up everything that drops off the trees. I can't pick the fruit from the very top of the trees, so it rots and falls to the ground, and then it attracts mice and birds unless I clean it up straight away. I'm getting the trees all lopped back so I can get a break from all the cleaning up all this fallen fruit. This blog is all about how to get your backyard fruit trees lopped so that you don't have to clean up as much fallen fruit.


Lopping back the trees

Circumstances That May Call For Tree Removal Service

Kenneth Kim

The surest way to ensure that the trees on your property flourish is to ask a professional to attend to them. The professionals tasked with the responsibility of caring for trees are called arborists. Arborists have a deep understanding of the biology of trees, and they are trained and armed with the right equipment to ensure that tree care work is carried out safely and effectively. Sometimes, however, there's nothing that these professionals can do to save a tree, and they are, therefore, forced to remove it. Here are a number of situations when it may be deemed necessary to fell a tree (or trees) in your yard:

To give way for a new construction

Trees located in a section of your property where a new development requires site clearance will have to be felled. As a homeowner, you reserve the right to construct new structures on your private property provided you do not violate any applicable building construction codes and environmental laws. This means that before you can embark on any new construction work, you should first obtain the necessary permits including tree removal permits.

To stop crowding of trees

Sometimes trees that grow too close to each other can interfere with the proper growth of individual trees. If that is the case, your arborist may recommend that a few trees be removed so they can give the remaining trees the opportunity to grow healthy. The arborist will cut down crowding trees, allowing for the most desirable trees to remain and receive a greater supply of water and soil nutrients. Surely, you will be left with fewer trees on your property, but they will be much healthier.

To eliminate a potential safety hazard

A tree that is leaning dangerously towards your house is an unacceptable safety risk. This usually happens because the tree is weakly attached to the ground. At any time, the tree may descend on your house or adjacent structures, causing serious harm to people and costly damage to your property. Thus, if your tree care specialist establishes that a tree is not strong enough to bear up to weather elements like strong winds, then the only option may be to bring it down before it falls haphazardly.

For tree care experts, cutting down a tree is always the last option. But if the situation requires such action, they will be happy to assist you with a safe removal.