Lopping back the trees
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Lopping back the trees

I really like how shady our yard is, but I'm not so excited about cleaning up everything that drops off the trees. I can't pick the fruit from the very top of the trees, so it rots and falls to the ground, and then it attracts mice and birds unless I clean it up straight away. I'm getting the trees all lopped back so I can get a break from all the cleaning up all this fallen fruit. This blog is all about how to get your backyard fruit trees lopped so that you don't have to clean up as much fallen fruit.


Lopping back the trees

Why Timely Tree Pruning and Trimming Are Absolutely Necessary

Kenneth Kim

Unlike the trees growing in the wild, the trees growing in residential, commercial and industrial areas enjoy less freedom in terms of height and size. Hence, they require more frequent monitoring and attendance.

As a homeowner with trees growing in their yard, it is important to have the trees pruned and trimmed occasionally by a professional – an arbourist. Here's why:

To Increase Safety and Protect Your Property from Damage

Broken branches and fallen trees can cause injuries, fatalities and damage to property, especially during stormy weather. Pruning helps to eliminate dead and weak sections, especially those near places of occupation. Rubbing branches, which can damage the walls and roof of your house, will need to be trimmed. 

Climbing vines will also be removed because they can crack walls and foundations and create holes in roofs.

Landscaping Benefits

Trees and shrubs naturally assume a definite shape; landscapers use differently-shaped combinations of both to landscape your home. Overgrown plants are unsightly and give your yard an unkempt look. 

Tree pruning and trimming trees are both landscaping tasks that help to shape the trees while removing dead or unwanted branches and leaves. 

A well-manicured lawn adds value to your home and definitely makes you stand out in the neighbourhood. It also makes work easier when landscaping, as trimmed trees eliminate the over-dominance of trees in the landscape, allowing you to plant other vegetation such as flowers. 

Proper Growth of Trees and Other Plants

Overgrown trees suffer from stifled air circulation, inadequate sunlight penetration and dampness, which promotes diseases due to the density of leaves and branches. Trimming helps to keep the trees healthy and with proper growth. With expert attention, the trees in your landscape will enjoy perfect growth and reduced competition for water and nutrients.

In addition, trimming existing trees is a good thing for shorter plant varieties; this is because they will be able to get more sunshine.

Pest Control

Trees and shrubs are natural habitats for many insects and pests. However, some pests spread diseases to people and animals, weaken plants, invade homes and prey on neighbouring foliage, which might include your landscape flowers and vegetables. Trimming trees is a great way to control infestation and overpopulation, especially for plants near residential buildings. 

Although many people think that tree pruning and tree trimming are interchangeable, there is a definite difference. Pruning refers to the removal of the dead, diseased or weak branches, while trimming cuts back otherwise healthy sections to reduce size and control overgrowth. As highlighted above, both are crucial activities; however, make sure both activities are done by a tree care specialist near you for best results.