Lopping back the trees
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Lopping back the trees

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Lopping back the trees

Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps Before You Sell Your Home

Kenneth Kim

If you are planning to put your home up for sale sometime in the near future, you likely have several areas of your home you'd like to improve first. One area of focus should be your yard. Potential buyers will also be paying close attention to the state of your yard. That means that if your yard contains tree stumps, you could put potential buyers off.

To increase your chances of selling your home, remove existing tree stumps from your yard. Otherwise, you could end up stumped by the following problems.

Potential Issues With Subsidence

One serious issue that could affect your property in the future is subsidence. This is especially true if the stump is close to your home, or close to another structure, such as a shed or even a swimming pool. As a tree stump rots, it shrinks. This leaves depressions in the soil. These depressions cause the soil to subside. And, importantly, any structures in the vicinity will also begin to sink.

Potential Liability Issues

Tree stumps cause accidents of all kinds. For instance, children and the elderly can trip over them. Gardeners could also injure themselves as they mow the lawn if the stump isn't in plain sight. A range of liability issues could occur in future. And these potential issues make your property less desirable to buyers.

Potential Pest Invasions

One thing that you don't want lying around in your yard in Australia is dead wood. A rotting tree stump is just that, and not only that, but tree stumps tend to have huge root systems underground. Termites live underground, so a rotting tree stump could sustain a termite colony for a long time. The problem is where will those termites go next?

Termites aren't the only potential pest. And this is something that you need to take into account when planning to sell your home.

These are all issues that a building inspector will note down should they find tree stumps in your yard while inspecting the property. But the process might not even get that far if the potential buyers spot the stumps on their initial visit. All it takes is one little snag, and you could lose a buyer.

If you plan to sell your home, remove tree stumps from your yard and level the soil before you put your home on the market. Make sure you hire a professional to do the job for you. This will ensure that the job is done properly.

For more information on stump removal, reach out to a local tree service.