Lopping back the trees
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Lopping back the trees

I really like how shady our yard is, but I'm not so excited about cleaning up everything that drops off the trees. I can't pick the fruit from the very top of the trees, so it rots and falls to the ground, and then it attracts mice and birds unless I clean it up straight away. I'm getting the trees all lopped back so I can get a break from all the cleaning up all this fallen fruit. This blog is all about how to get your backyard fruit trees lopped so that you don't have to clean up as much fallen fruit.


Lopping back the trees

Key Factors That Arborists Consider to Determine the Cost of Tree Removal

Kenneth Kim

Trees play an important role in beautifying your lawn and purifying the air around your property. However, only well-maintained and healthy trees can provide the expected benefits. Dying trees or those leaning dangerously are a safety hazard to people and surrounding structures and must be removed by experienced arborists. Notably, each tree removal project is different, and a service provider considers certain factors to quote the cost. This article highlights key factors that determine the cost of tree removal services.


It is perhaps the most crucial factor that arborists consider when quoting the cost of services. The size of a tree affects the removal process because it signifies the amount of work involved. First, big trees have numerous branches that must be cut off before felling the trunk. Therefore, a service provider might require a bigger crew. Second, large trees pose a safety hazard during the removal process, warranting additional safety procedures. Finally, large trees take longer to remove, and since most tree service crews are paid by the hour, the cost goes up. On the other hand, smaller trees cost less to remove since minimal work is involved, and a small crew can handle everything from start to finish.


Another factor that arborists consider when quoting tree removal services is tree condition. Ideally, you should pay more to remove a healthy tree from your property. The reason is that removing healthy trees interferes with soil stability and air purification in an area. Therefore, local authorities, in conjunction with professional arborists, charge a higher fee to plant a replacement tree somewhere else in the same locality. Conversely, you are likely to pay less to remove sick, rotting, or dead trees. Notably, such trees do not add anything to the environment; hence, their removal has an insignificant effect on lawns and the atmosphere.


The location of a tree also plays a crucial role in determining the removal cost. Generally, removing trees close to a residential or commercial structure, overhead power cables, underground utilities, and high traffic routes tends to cost more. Notably, an arborist is held responsible for any damage or injuries caused during the removal process. As a result, tree services must be extra careful when removing trees from such locations. In contrast, trees located far from buildings and utilities cost less to remove since service providers do not have to factor in additional safety requirements.

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