Lopping back the trees
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Lopping back the trees

I really like how shady our yard is, but I'm not so excited about cleaning up everything that drops off the trees. I can't pick the fruit from the very top of the trees, so it rots and falls to the ground, and then it attracts mice and birds unless I clean it up straight away. I'm getting the trees all lopped back so I can get a break from all the cleaning up all this fallen fruit. This blog is all about how to get your backyard fruit trees lopped so that you don't have to clean up as much fallen fruit.


Lopping back the trees

  • Reasons to Consider Tree Removal for Your Property

    15 March 2023

    Trees are a beautiful addition to any property, providing shade and privacy. However, tree removal may be necessary or beneficial in certain situations.  No matter your reason for wanting to remove a tree from your property, you should consider all options before taking action.  This blog post will discuss some of the reasons why you should consider removing a tree from your property. Safety  Above all else, safety should be your top priority when it comes to trees on your property.

  • 2 Things You Might Need To Talk To Your Arborist About Before They Remove Your Tree

    23 June 2022

    Here are two things you might need to talk to your arborist about before they remove your tree. Whether or not you need them to avoid a specific area of your garden when felling the tree As the arborist cuts off the branches and then sliced through the trunk, these components of the tree will land on the ground. Arborists are skilled at cutting the branches and the trunk in a way that will result in them falling in a specific area.

  • Key Factors That Arborists Consider to Determine the Cost of Tree Removal

    14 January 2022

    Trees play an important role in beautifying your lawn and purifying the air around your property. However, only well-maintained and healthy trees can provide the expected benefits. Dying trees or those leaning dangerously are a safety hazard to people and surrounding structures and must be removed by experienced arborists. Notably, each tree removal project is different, and a service provider considers certain factors to quote the cost. This article highlights key factors that determine the cost of tree removal services.

  • A Beginner's Guide to Woody Weeds Control

    15 September 2021

    Woody weeds refer to hardy plants that are difficult to eliminate once they get into farms and gardens. Unlike ordinary weeds, woody weeds grow as trees, shrubs or vines; hence, they are difficult to remove. Management of such weeds requires special attention since they are hardy plants that might not be eliminated using conventional weed control and management approaches. However, successful removal of woody weeds entails identifying the weed. The next logical step after identification is the application of the correct weed control treatment.

  • 4 Reasons to Remove the Dead and Damaged Trees in Your Property

    8 June 2021

    A home is never complete without a few trees in the yard, around the fence or along the driveway. Not only do they make your home look more attractive and valuable, but they also provide shade and fresh air to your home. Unfortunately, trees may get affected by insects, diseases, soil erosion, weather elements and human activities, leaving them frail or dead. When this happens, it might be necessary to seek tree removal services.